Replacement accessory pack for Home Training Systems.

Don’t send out crusty sensors, half used jars of Ten20 paste and NuPrep. Now there is an affordable way to send out a clean and professional set of accessories with each Home Unit.

This replacement kit consists of: 1 set of Home Training Sensors*, 1 small Ten20 Paste and 1 small NuPrep in a BrainCore Bag.

*Please note: Home Training Sensors are specially made for use with the HT2Pro and the home training system only. They are much shorter and made with different shielding than our clinical sensors and are not approved for use with our clinical systems. If a Q2 or Q4 amplifier fail, due to Home Training Sensor use, the Q2 and/or Q4 warranty will be voided and have to be replaced out of pocket.

No returns accepted.