This Home Training Unit includes:

1x Laptop Computer with Neoprene Carrying Case
1x Solo-Basic Kit (Consisting of as follows)

  • HT2x  2-channel EEG Amplifier w/USB cable
  • Ten20 Paste
  •  NuPrep
  • 1 Set of BrainCore Home Training Sensors
  • A Flash Drive with the Synapse Home Training Software and Chrome Link to Solo Resources Page for download
  • Custom Hard Carrying Case


Home Training requirements:

Requires a $59 per month Synapse Sync Online Subscription to operate all Systems. (Subscription is purchased directly through the Sync Subscription Tab in the Synapse Software)




Home Training Credits cost $55 per week per patient, for unlimited training sessions. (Credits are purchased and assigned directly through the Train at Home Credits Tab in the Synapse Sync Online Software)




*The BrainCore Solo-Laptop Home Training System comes with a 6 month limited warranty covering mechanical defect and is not covered for damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from alteration, modification, misuse, abuse, accident, power surges or improper packing or shipping.  Alterations and or modifications include but are not limited to adding or enabling antivirus software which interferes with the software function, setting password protections and virus infiltration from visiting non approved websites.  10% Restocking fees apply to any unopened, returned systems. No returns  are accepted once the system has been opened.