Zukor’s Sports 1


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video-sport1Zukor Sports 1 is a feedback game for biofeedback and neurofeedback training which includes 10 popular mainstream sports games. It uses simple gameplay action with an “accuracy” gameplay dynamic and a central visual focus.

Zukor Sports 1 includes optional point-based unlocking so that accumulated points unlock the next game. The points required to unlock the next game can be easily changed, or turned off entirely.

Vince Lombardi said “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.” Help your patients train to “get back up” using a feedback game focused on an activity they love.




sf-patient-profile-sportPatient Profiles

Clinicians can create feedback game profiles for each patient which will store all feedback game options, settings and scores for each patient in a HIPPA-compliant format. This means the clinician does not have to reset the options each time for each patient. The game will remember what was used last time for each patient. What’s more, the patient Profile allows a “Nickname” feature so the patient can select a fun nickname for themselves which is displayed on the Main Menu and Scores screen.


Period/Session Options

Clinicians can easily setup the number of periods per session, the length of each period and the optional Auto-Restart Next Period at a desired time interval.

Meter Options

The clinician can separately turn on or off the vertical or horizontal threshold meters. Plus, the color, position or size of the threshold meters can be changed.


sf-game-options-sportGame Display Options

The clinician can separately turn off different types of in-game, on-screen displays, such as accuracy meter, time, scores, etc.

Game Sound Options

The clinician can adjust the game sound volume without effecting the Auditory Feedback Sound. Also, specific types of in-game sounds, such as the sports-specific sounds (batting sound, etc.) can be separately turn off.


Clinicians can adjust the graphics quality lower or higher to meet the capabilities of their specific computer system. The game can also be changed from “fullscreen” to a “window” mode and then be resized for single monitor usage.

sf-modality-presets2-options-sportModality Presets

Zukor’s Sports 1 includes modality presets for the most common modalities which are selected from a simple drop down menu. Zukor’s Sports 1 can be driven by all neurofeedback and biofeedback modalities, including 3 band “SMR” neurofeedback, Z-Score, HRV, BVP, EKG, GSR, Respiration and Temperature. Zukor’s Sports 1 can be controlled by 1 to 16 events.

sf-modality-presets-options1-sportFeedback Options

Clinicians can also select if they they want the feedback to be proportional, discrete per event or discrete for all events. They can also turn on a “feedback damper” which smooths out the feedback or use “average feedback.”


Audio Feedback Options

Clinicians can select from a broad array of high-quality sounds from both music instruments and synthetic sources, including MIDI.

The feedback sound’s volume can be adjusted separately from the game’s environmental sounds.

The feedback sound’s delay interval can be set in milliseconds.

The feedback sound can also change by volume or pitch depending on how well criteria is being met.

sf-score1-sportPoints-based Unlocking

The scoring system in Zukor’s Sports 1 includes optional point-based unlocking whereby earned points unlock the next game. The amount of points required can be easily changed by the clinician and can even be different for each patient, if so desired.

This highly-motivation feature provides a very strong incentive for patients to focus during their training and motivate them to return for their next appointment.


Patients earn training points for meeting event criteria, plus bonus points for passing distance-based check points. The scores are saved for each session within the patient profile. The Scores screen data can be saved as a “screen grab” graphic file and as a Excel spreadsheet.


Computer systems which don’t meet these requirements may be able to run the game, but might encounter issues ranging from minor to extreme. Please note that these computer systems requirements are in alignment with those of the neurofeedback/biofeedback system companies.


Note: Most computers sold within the last two years will meet the first two requirements.


Windows 7, 8 or 10 on a regular PC or on a Mac (Bootcamp).

NOTE: Microsoft no longer supports many versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have installed ALL Windows 7 or Windows 8 updates PRIOR TO INSTALLING and running Zukor’s Carnival. Failure to do this may lead to improper operation of the game.


Dedicated graphics card with at least 512 MB dedicated video memory.

NOTE: Systems which do not meet these graphic requirements will still likely play the game, but may require graphic adjustments within the game to reduce graphics quality so the game will play smoothly.


Two monitors (dedicated dual monitor setup).
Game monitor should be 21+ inches, “widescreen” and set at a minimum resolution of 1280×720.

NOTE 1: If using a laptop computer, the laptop screen counts as one monitor.

NOTE 2: A second monitor which meets the above requirements is a very inexpensive investment costing about $125-$175 on Amazon or at Best Buy.

NOTE 3: Video projectors, Plasma TVs and LCD TVs usually work as well, but could require the Windows graphic settings to be adjusted.

SUGGESTION: For an absolutely amazing feedback experience for your patients, invest in a 42-inch Plasma or LCD TV for your second monitor.